Services We Provide:

Dog Walking - 25 minutes - typically daily

Pet Sitting - 25 minutes - no walking - just great company

Doggie Day Care - 2 ½ hours - afternoons with Joan

 Included In Any Dog or Cat Visit:

Play, exercise, feeding, fresh water, treats (on us!), medicine administered (oral or IV), brushing, and our staff specialty, lots of individual attention and love


Fresh food and water, clean litter box, medicine administered (oral or IV), brushing, petting, play, treats -on us, purring for no extra charge


 A Pet Connections Exclusive:

Doggie Heaven Afternoon 21/2 hour monthly field trips, exclusively for daily and day care dogs.

Dogs need a change of environment from time to time. Our afternoon field trips are designed for fun!

Recent adventures include: Parks that are especially for dogs, Petco, Thatcher Woods, Halloween Parties

Your dog would love to join the gang!!


 Additional Pet Connections Offerings:


Pet Taxi: this additional fee based service is very popular! This includes to and from your home, vet or groomer visits, let us help!

Local (less than 2 miles) round trip More than 2 miles, ask for rates based on miles

Vacation Care includes mail and newspaper retrieval and inside plant watering, pet owners need a hand too! Let us know if you want us to leave lights on to give your home that lived in look.

Boarding: Boarding under 15 lbs - all inclusive fee *sorry our facility does not board animals larger than 15lbs

Lawn Care - 20 minutes (nominal fee) watering outdoor plants, sorry no lawn service

Holiday Visits - Please note: The following holidays do have a small surcharge:

  • New Years Eve
  • New years Day
  • Memorial Day
  • July 4th
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day


 Fees & Policies:

Our fees are competitive with the going rate in this geographical area (Oak Park, Forest Park, River Forest)

Stop looking. Noone can beat our fees - we guarantee the lowest rates in the area.

Fees however do change, which is why we do not post them on our site, kindly ask us for a current rate card

A Pet Connections Difference: Reduced Rates for Multiple Pet Families - we want your business- why charge you more when we are already there!!

A Pet Connections Difference: Many pet care services add additional fees for last minute requests, or bookings not made within certain guidelines. At Pet Connections we do not add on fees! However we do have certain policies that we would appreciate your adherence to. Please see below.

  • Last minute requests: We are very happy to accommodate last minute requests. Ideally give us a day's notice
  • Cancellations: 24 hours notice preferred for a daily visit, one week notice for vacation care
  • Bookings: 2-week notice preferred

*In case of emergency or illness we will use your signed Veterinary Care Authorization form to take your pet to the vet hospital of your choice. See "Contact Us" page for this form and our complete intake form.

Click here for email inquiries, reservations and communications
*emails are managed daily after 3:00 p.m.


 Getting To Know You:

The Initial Pet /Parent interview: all pets and owners participate in a "get to know us" interview:

We want to get to know all about you, and your wonderful pet, and be sure to accommodate any special needs or circumstances. We appreciate seeing the pet and owner in their own home.

In an initial interview some questions we might ask include, yet are not limited to the following:

  • What makes your pet remarkable?
  • Any habits we should know about?
  • Be sure to include the cute stuff.
  • Details really help us.
  • And tell us the antics too.
  • Your animals are characters
  • We will also ask about diet, allergies, health issues, vet information.

What to expect on your pet's first day:

It's perfectly normal for a pet owner to be concerned about their pets first day. We have lots of stories of dogs that were initially afraid, or acted differently without their owner, who misbehaved or didn't get along with other dogs. It's those experiences that helped us build our expertise here at Pet Connections. Our initial interview by design should leave you feeling confident that our caretakers can care for your pet in the way that you would. We never say no to any breed of dog as long as we feel that they are mannered. If anything unusual happens during our care time we will leave you a note. We return our calls promptly, you may give us a call and check in anytime!!


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